Jan. 23, 2020

Bosch at Intersec 2020

  • Video Security Camera 3000i Family by BoschVideo Security Camera 3000i Family by Bosch
  • Video Security Camera 3000i Family by Bosch
  • Bosch's MIC IP 7100i front camera
  • All-in-one Fire detector by Bosch
  • Camera trainer Parking area
  • Dicentis Conference System

Bosch Building Technologies showcased its latest products in Security, Safety and Fire Protection at Intersec 2020 in Dubai. The company displayed its innovative security, safety and communications products on booth SA-C26 in Saeed Arena.  

IP 3000i Cameras: Extend smart video security to general surveillance applications
Bosch introduced another industry first with the all-new range of IP 3000i cameras. The portfolio includes a range of four form factors that offer high quality, 24/7 performance with reliable surveillance features for standalone installations or general surveillance. Micro dome, mini dome, bullet and turret options are available with resolutions of up to 5 MP for indoor and outdoor use. But they also offer something never seen before in such competitively-priced cameras; built-in Essential Video Analytics as standard. Smart solutions that until now, have not been available in a cost-effective video surveillance solution.

MIC 7100i camera:  Made for extremes      
No matter how tough conditions get, a video security operation must always go on. That is why Bosch has taken extreme measures to develop its MIC IP family of extremely rugged moving cameras even further. MIC IP cameras are built to perform in practically any environment. The housing of the new 7100i has been enhanced with a ruggedized, corrosion-resistant design that makes it perfectly suited for challenging applications where cameras are exposed to extreme conditions.
Bosch MIC IP cameras are supremely rugged, constructed from anti-corrosive metal, and can function at -40ºC to +65ºC. Even the built-in Intelligent Video Analytics technology is tough enough to provide maximum situational awareness, even in the most demanding environments. With Camera Trainer, a machine learning functionality, MIC IP cameras can recognize user-specific target objects, such as moving and non-moving object, to alert operators of unusual scene activity. The 4K UHD versions also provide extreme high-resolution for mission-critical applications such as city surveillance and congested highways. This makes them ideal for monitoring highways, bridges, tunnels, ports, airport perimeters and more.

Built-in Intelligent Video Analytics: Camera Trainer technology
Our new Camera Trainer technology brings machine learning to Bosch IP cameras, enabling integrators to tailor them to detect the objects and situations that matter most.

The ability to identify user-defined objects and situations can be combined with the existing alarm rules and object filters of Intelligent Video Analytics for even more flexibility and accuracy. It substantially improves the level of security for people and property and opens up new customized applications and uses. For example, it could be used to separate vehicles clustered in front of traffic lights or to determine how long a vehicle has been parked in a bay. With Camera Trainer, video cameras can be taught to recognize and detect stationary objects or certain situations instead of being triggered by motion.

Avenar fire alarm panel
Bosch’s new fire alarm panels Avenar 2000 and 8000 are a competitive solution for small to large-sized applications ranging from campus solutions to affiliate networked projects. It is a future-proof solution to support future market requirements and at the same time, it is compatible with the installed base. Avenar panel is a Safety Management System providing fire detection and smart evacuation. It integrates also into 3rd party building management systems.

New fire peripherals enhance solution portfolio
Avenar all-in-one 4000, combines visual and acoustic alarm complying with EN54-3 + EN54-23. More than 125 devices per loop offer a high project flexibility.
The new wireless system has a radio range with up to 120m in buildings with many walls and up to 180m in buildings without obstacles. It offers high connection reliability thanks to meshed topology and dual-band frequency reducing potential maintenance costs.

Praesensa Public Address and Voice Alarm System goes IP  
All components of Praesensa are networked, thereby ensuring the highest flexibility and scalability from small centralized to large decentralized systems. The Bosch Omneo IP architecture supports DanteTM audio networking, AES67 and AES70 protocol. The innovative multi-channel amplifier architecture with intelligent power allocation across the amplifier outputs and integrated spare channel significantly improves the effective utilization of available power, regardless of the loudspeaker load in each zone. As a result, fewer amplifiers are needed, saving up to 50 percent on space, energy and backup battery power and leading to a very competitive cost of ownership.
Praesensa offers special features for the highest level of data security and full network link redundancy with smart integration of functions and backup facilities.

LB20 commercial loudspeakers for indoor and outdoor
The LB20 series compact loudspeakers has been designed from the ground up to ensure efficient installation for the contractor and excellent results for the end-user. The series includes 4-inch, 5.25-inch, and 8-inch 2-way models with a matching dual-10-inch subwoofer, making it easy to select a suitable model a specific space. All LB20 models offer Bosch-engineered components for superior sound quality, low-profile looks and robust reliability for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. These include retail environments, hospitality settings, such as bars, lounges, patios, pool areas and restaurants. Conference and meeting rooms, fitness clubs, performing arts and sports venues and houses of worship. The series offers true weatherproof construction for outdoor spaces, confirmed by extensive and rigorous testing above and beyond industry norms.

IP-based Dicentis Conference System extended with intuitive interpreter desk
Bosch has expanded the Dicentis family with the Dicentis Interpreter desk. Speaking the language of the interpreter is what the Dicentis Interpreter desk is designed to do. By observing and interviewing expert interpreters and technicians worldwide, the desk has been optimized for the real-life needs of interpreters. The result: An interpreter desk that complies with the latest as well as future market requirements and provides the interpreter with maximum freedom to focus on the job through intuitive operation and best-in-class user experience. The installation and configuration of the system is quick and easy. The state-of-the-art IP technology provides the highest flexibility and enables smooth third-party integration into a future-proof solution.


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