Aug. 18, 2018

Camera for Queue Management in Retail

  • Hikvision: 71XX Dome 02 Hikvision: 71XX Dome 02

Hikvision has released a flow analysis camera as part of its DeepinView series. This camera is specifically designed to support queue management and can provide useful data to show the way people move through a space which is very valuable for the retail industry, for example.

The 2MP camera (DS-2CD7126G0-L-IZS) is powered by Deep Learning technology and is able to distinguish between different people, even of different heights. This means it can provide an accurate count of people coming in and out, and also tell how long people stay in a certain place – in a queue, for example. The data from the camera can also be useful when analysed to give insights into where people are congregating in an area and how they are getting there – essentially showing the ‘pedestrian flow’.

The in-depth flow analysis helps users to improve their service strategy. They can use the information to reduce the waiting time at counters. Alerts can be set for the operator when a queue length gets beyond a certain number of people, so that extra cash registers can be opened in a retail environment, for example. Data shows how many customers are in a queue within a period of time, one day, one week or one month.

Users can also compare the working efficiency of different counters, helping with employee training and targets. The data can also help to optimise the store layout, arranging the layout of the store to be fluid as well as maximising the space. For instance, it could be that customers often choose the queue near their favorite products when they leave.

Other features include:

  • 1/1.8ʺ Progressive Scan CMOS
  • DarkFighter technology for sharp colour images, even at 0.002 Lux (0 Lux with IR)
  • 140dB Wide Dynamic Range
  • IR range up to 30m
  • IK10 certified.

The technology can be applied in all kinds of scenario, such as supermarkets, shopping malls, airports, banks. In fact any location that has a large throughout of people and could benefit from seeing the flow patterns they make. 

Ethan Qu, Vertical Solution Manager at Hikvision Europe, says: “This camera is a great example of how we are evolving tradition surveillance technology to provide more benefits to business.

Flow analysis can be a valuable aid in designing an optimum retail environment, among others.”


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