Apr. 01, 2009

CBC: C-Allview vandal resistant camera

CBC: C-Allview vandal resistant camera. Ifsec 2009 saw the debut of CBC (Europe)’s latest Ganz systems and Computar lenses, including the exciting new Night Vision and Thermal Vision systems and Thermal Dome camera.

They lined up alongside the company’s C-Allview vandal resistant camera with its 36x optical zoom lens option, as well as the company’s Radar Vision.

Night Vision combines the optical/operating advantages of the C-AllView camera with infrared lighting fully built-in to the camera housing. Add-on, external infrared lighting is therefore not required for this model, ensuring the correct nighttime illumination is automatically provided for the camera operator. This feature also offers simpler and easier installation for day/night images.

Night Vision combines low running costs without the need for extra bolt-on lighting of non-essential areas.

The system’s ‘green’ LED technology provides comparatively low running costs with a power consumption of only 10 W.


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