Jun. 18, 2013

CEM Systems At SicherheitsExpo Munich: New Software of AC2000 Security Management System

  • CEM´s "emerald" in use: "touch intercom"CEM´s "emerald" in use: "touch intercom"
  • CEM´s "emerald" in use: "touch intercom"
  • Access control system AC2000: "web wheel"
  • Tyco trade show team, here with CEM´s marketing manager Rachel Marley (right) and Tyco marketing man Paul Mildon (center, back)

To be seen at trade show "SicherheitsExpo Munich" on stand F25: Version 6.7 of AC2000 features enhanced AC2000 WEB functionality, new emerald advertising, alarm escalation and much more.

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At Munich´s "SicherheitsExpo 2013" (July 3/4, 2013) CEM Systems, part of Tyco Security Products, will show the release of version 6.7 of AC2000 SE (Standard Edition) and AC2000 AE (Airport Edition) integrated access control and security management software. (See also on GIT-SICHERHEIT.de)

The latest release offers a host of new features that increase the performance and improve the functionality of the CEM AC2000 access control system.

“CEM AC2000 is a powerful access control system that is designed with the customer in mind” said Andrew Fulton, Senior Director of Global Sales, CEM Systems. “The enhanced features and functionality in this new release are based on valuable customer feedback and will ensure that AC2000 continues to provide a flexible access control solution that helps increase security, improve business efficiency and operational effectiveness for CEM sites around the world.”

New in version 6.7 are updates and enhancements to AC2000 WEB, CEM’s powerful suite of browser based applications for AC2000. The AC2000 WEB menu has an improved and more intuitive look and feel to enhance user experience.

In addition to the current suite of WEB applications, AC2000 now provides a unique WEB Zonal Control application for anti-tailgating. This new web based tool discourages tail-gating or passing back of cards to facilitate strict policy control of cardholder movements for operational efficiency. The AC2000 WEB Visitors application has also been updated with a ‘Batch Visitor Request Import’ tool and new powerful WEB Reports.

All these features continue to provide the power of the AC2000 system but through a web browser.

In addition, AC2000 v6.7 software includes enhanced support for emerald™, CEM’s revolutionary touch screen intelligent access terminal.

"emerald" features a reader & controller in one, integrated VoIP (Voice over IP) intercom functionality and a range of remote applications that enable elements of AC2000 software to be accessed directly at the door.

This latest v6.7 software release offers customers even more enhanced functionality including ‘Live video pop-up on intercom request’, display of company advertising messages while emerald is idle and six new remote applications. When integrated with a CCTV system, operators can now see who they are talking to when a user initiates an emerald intercom request.

In addition, at v6.7, emerald supports the display of company advertisements which can be uploaded to AC2000 in JPG format as well as offering six new remote applications including Suppress/Enable Alarms for filtering alarms during maintenance periods and One Shot which enables security to remotely open doors from an emerald terminal for a short period of time.

Other new applications include Open/Close to enable or disable PIR’s or lights with a simple swipe and Online Status which allows users to view the status of all readers directly from an emerald terminal. Another new feature in v6.7 is alarm escalation, allowing unacknowledged alarms from multiple sites to be forwarded to a supervisory operator workstation after a set time scale.

New ‘Soft Anti-Passback’ functionality also sends a silent alarm to the operator workstation to notify of access cards passed back in breach of policy. This new functionality can be applied on a reader by reader basis or per cardholder for full flexibility.

CEM at SicherheitsExpo Munich, stand F25

Background - about CEM Systems: CEM Systems is part of the Security Products business unit of Tyco (NYSE: TYC), the world’s largest pure-play fire protection and security company. CEM provides highly advanced security management solutions which include integrated access control, ID badging, alarm monitoring and the industry’s most advanced and flexible range of card readers. From a small facility to a large multi-site facility the sophisticated AC2000 access control system and advanced CEM products provide a solution to meet even the most complex needs. Each CEM system can be customized to specifically fit the needs of each individual customer, ensuring a powerful, highly tailored level of protection that simply cannot be matched in the industry. For more information on CEM Systems access control technologies, visit www.cemsys.com.

Tyco Security Products and its leading brands conducts business in over 176 countries around the world, in multiple languages and employs over 2,700 employees globally, including research and development, marketing, manufacturing, sales, service and logistics teams in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific.



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