Dec. 15, 2010

Digital Video Recorder 600 Series from Bosch

Affordable, easy-to-use video management solution

  • Bosch 600 SeriesBosch 600 Series

Bosch announces the release of its Digital Video Recorder (DVR) 600 Series, a complete video management solution for up to 8 or 16 cameras in a single compact unit. The 600 Series offers remote monitoring, allowing operators to manage video and digital recording systems from any location via LAN, WAN or the Internet.

The 600 Series supports playback in multiple display aspect ratios including wide screen, high resolution monitors. Viewing is also possible directly from web-enabled mobile devices. It features a highly reliable embedded design that minimizes maintenance and reduces operational costs.
Very easy to install and operate, the 600 Series requires no special training. Users simply connect it up, enter the language, date and time, and it begins recording automatically. It works continuously and reliably. Control is achieved via a choice of keyboard, mouse, infrared remote control or directly from the front panel. Several units can be linked together using the Control Center PC software from Bosch, which is supplied free with the 600 Series. This enables centralized control of multiple units. All units can be operated from a single IntuiKey keyboard. The Control Center also allows to control other DVRs from Bosch.

The Video Recorder 600 Series is available with or without an integrated DVD writer and in a variety of storage capacities. Highly efficient H.264 compression significantly reduces bandwidth and storage requirements while maintaining excellent image quality. It provides full real-time recording in CIF resolution on all channels simultaneously. If more detail needs to be captured, recording in 2CIF or 4CIF resolution is also possible. Other time-saving features include event capture by triggering inputs or motion detection, along with automatic e-mail notification when an event occurs. ‘Smart Search' helps to find key events in recorded video very quickly by looking for changes in a selected area. Critical recordings are safeguarded by overwrite protection, and all video is digitally watermarked to ensure recording credibility. An archive player with image authentication allows access to scenes on any PC, without needing to install additional player software.

This cost-effective, convenient and flexible video management solution is ideal for a wide variety of small- to medium-sized applications including schools, shops, hotels and business premises.




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