May. 01, 2008

Dräger Safety: Flame 5000 flame detector

Dräger Safety: Flame 5000 flame detector. The Dräger Flame 5000 does not operate in the IR and/or UV range, but rather evaluates a video signal on the basis of a highly developed signal algorithm.

This recognises the movements and outlines of a fire. As standard, the detector is equipped with two relays or a 0-200 mA output.

In addition to these interfaces the product also has a video signal output. By means of this video connection it is possible for the user to obtain realtime information from the affected area in addition to an automatic alarm.

All facilities of video technology are therefore available. Connection to an existing cross-bar in your company is therefore possible. False alarms, such as must be accepted for IR/UV detectors, do not allow any faults.

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