May. 01, 2008

Drägerwerk: X-am 5000 gas measuring device

Drägerwerk: X-am 5000 gas measuring device. The Dräger X-am 5000 measures inflammable gases and vapours, oxygen and toxic gases such as H2S, CO, CO2, CL2, HCN, NH3, NO2, PH3 and SO2.

Convenient and ergonomically formed, it is especially suitable for personal protection. Due to the IP 67 dust and water protection it is ideal for use in harsh environments such as e.g. sewers.

If it is connected to an external pump, clearance measurements can be also made in confined spaces with the Dräger X-am 5000. The innovative catalytic EX sensor with “Full Range” functionality can be used for both the measurement of 0-100% lower explosion limit, as well as the measurement of 0-100 Vol.-% methane.

Through the pulsing of the ex sensor in power saving mode, the device can be operated continuously for up to one week. Equipped with modern XXS sensor technology.

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