Aug. 24, 2017

Eagle Eye Networks Adds Video Analytics to Their Cloud Security Camera VMS

  • Eagle Eye Networks: Example of Camera Settings for Analytics Intrusion with AlertEagle Eye Networks: Example of Camera Settings for Analytics Intrusion with Alert
  • Eagle Eye Networks: Example of Camera Settings for Analytics Intrusion with Alert
  • Eagle Eye Networks: Analytics, Line Crossing

Thanks to the Cloud, users can now take advantage of Eagle Eye’s instant-on Analytics on any camera on any site.

Eagle Eye Networks announced that it has launched its first phase of video analytics, which include line crossing, intrusion detection, and object counting within the Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera VMS. This is the first analytics-based release, empowering customers to easily and instantly activate analytics on their cameras without having to install additional hardware or software. No more on-site technicians, remote project management, or system replacement.
Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera VMS customers can simply enable the analytics from the web dashboard or their mobile app for any camera in their account. The Eagle Eye Analytics will function on any camera that is supported by the Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera VMS - no analytic functions of the camera are required. Eagle Eye Analytics will even operate with analog cameras.

Eagle Eye Network’s founder & CEO, Dean Drako stated, “The Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera VMS’ Analytics are a true cloud solution that are available on demand, per camera, instantly activated, and customers are only charged for what they use. Over the next few years, customers will have the option to turn on more sophisticated analytics as Eagle Eye Networks’ cloud-based model leads the physical security industry in making analytics more functional and more accessible.”

The ability to deploy analytics quickly and without upfront hardware or software investment shows the long-term advantages of a cloud-based solution. Eagle Eye Analytics will be available to the customer for as little as $4-5 per camera, per month.

The following analytics are now available:

  • Line Crossing – Detects when an object crosses a virtual line. Direction may be specified and notifications may be generated. It is useful for receiving notifications when a security boundary (fence, restricted area, one way road) is crossed. It is also well suited for monitoring building entrances, loading docks, and parking lots.
  • Intrusion Detection – Detects when an object enters a customer defined area.

    Intrusion detection is used to generate a notification when an object enters that forbidden area of interest.

  • Object Counting – Counts how many objects cross a line in both directions. This can be used for counting cars, people, or other objects. Total count per day and current delta of the count are maintained and displayed.


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