Feb. 05, 2010

Energy saving reader accepts mifare tokens

  • Paxton's Energy saving Mifare reader Paxton's Energy saving Mifare reader

Mifare is the most widely used technology on contactless smartcards and proximity cards in the world. Paxton have developed their Energy saving reader to accept Mifare tokens. This makes the reader a really diverse, cost efficient product that is suitable for a wide range of environments.

All the great benefits of the original Paxton Energy saving reader can now be enjoyed at sites that use (or want to use) Mifare cards. The reader accepts an authenticated Mifare card to switch on power to utilities and electrical equipment. Once a card has been detected, the reader toggles a relay that switches on lights, heating and air-conditioning, amongst others. This straightforward energy saving concept works because a user has to remove their proximity card from the reader in order to move freely around a site. This is perfect for sites that want to save money on energy bills.

Controlling who can operate factory machinery is also easy with this intelligent reader. Equipment can only be used once the reader recognises the presence of an authorised card. This restricts the use of machinery to staff who are trained to do so, which is great for complying with health and safety regulations. The Energy saving reader is designed help you manage your premises more effectively.

The Energy saving Mifare reader is a simple, low cost addition to a Net2 system. Now customers already using Mifare cards with Net2 won't have to change their access tokens to benefit from improved energy saving and health and safety. It is a really useful addition to any budget-conscious site that is already utilising Mifare. As Mifare is the standard token format for large sites like schools, colleges and universities, installers can now offer something extra to education sector.


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