Jun. 01, 2009

Geutebruck: ANPR software as a fully integrated option

Geutebruck: ANPR software as a fully integrated option. Geutebruck’s ANPR software for its Geviscope and Reporter digital CCTV system platforms is available as a fully integrated option on new equipment or as an easy upgrade for existing installations.

Suitable for use with moving or stationary vehicles up to 20 meters away traveling at speeds of up to 100 km/hour; this real time ANPR analysis function delivers a recognition accuracy of 96 % under optimal conditions.

You can run the function on any video channel or channels irrespective of whether the image source is analog or digital, so long as you hold a separate license for each channel.

By combining the associated metadata with the picture data, the software module ensures that the system’s video database can be searched by registration number or other factors.


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