Jun. 24, 2019

Geutebruck: MBeg+ Control Unit

Geutebruck has introduced their MBeg+ control unit to the market. It provides an individually configurable multi-touch color display and sixteen individually programmable function assignments of the key buttons. The three-axis joystick to the right has a built-in zoom/focus function, while the jog shuttle to the left allows simple navigation through video footage. The company is first releasing a firmware that is MBeg/GCT compatible and that will prepare customers for migrations from Geviscope and G-Core. The second step is the integration into the G-SIM software, which provides numerous additional functions. In early 2020, the multi-touch display will be equipped with additional control options as well as access to cameras, tours and maps, and the processing of alarms. The new device requires Power over Ethernet or USB. The additional jog makes the new device (382mm x 160mm x 68mm) only slightly larger than its predecessor and allows it to be installed conveniently in tabletops.


Geutebrück GmbH
Im Nassen 7-9
53578 Windhagen
Phone: Tel: +49 (0) 26 45 /137 - 0

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