Mar. 01, 2009

Geutebruck: new intelligent day/night IP camera

Geutebruck: new intelligent day/night IP camera. Geutebruck’s new intelligent, day/night IP camera produces top quality video images in extreme light conditions, yet with the minimum of data.

Its automatic IR-cut filter, wide dynamic range Pixim sensor and 32x electronic picture integration ensure clear, sharp pictures in very bright or dark conditions, near glass walls and in entrance halls.

Even with full on car headlights there is no vertical smear in the picture.

Vipcam’s onboard DSP can support video motion detection, activity detection, privacy zones, dynamic live streaming, intelligent compression dynamics and dual channel streaming.

Once configured, it’s software only produces the picture data actually needed. So avoiding redundant data means less network load, less central processing, less storage and of course less cost.

The camera does not produce artefacts in 4CIF format. It takes its power from the network and handles alarms and automatic responses.

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