Feb. 24, 2010

High-Density Video Server Solution

Optelecom-NKF announced the release of its Siqura S-68 E video server. The S-68 E is an easy to install encoder that requires very little maintenance while still providing outstanding performance and reliability.

With the capacity to compress and stream video in H.264 from 88 analog cameras per one 19 inch/3U power supply cabinet, the S-68 E is now one of the industry's most efficient and high-density solutions, making it ideal for large, professional installations where space and cost per video channel are a concern. Moreover, since each module only consumes a mere 0.9 watt per channel, the S-68 is also an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective solution.

Through an intuitive access-controlled web interface, it is possible to configure an array of features included in the S-68 E, such as the use of video motion detection (VMD) or serial data streams to control a PTZ camera or implement access control. Additionally, these compact video servers are based on an open streaming architecture (OSA) standard that simplifies their use in third-party systems. Furthermore, the high-density S-68 E units are part of the Siqura product line, an extensive collection of video surveillance equipment offering complete solutions and reputed for quality and reliability.


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