Jan. 30, 2018

Idis launched Deep Learning Analytics at Intersec 2018

Idis returned to Intersec Security, Safety and Fire Protection trade show this year in Dubai, as the company moves to highlight current and future innovation as it begins its third decade of innovation serving the video surveillance marketplace.

At Intersec, the company featured its flagship DirectIP technology platform, enhancements to popular stalwarts (including the DirectCX analogue offering and the Idis Solution Suite modular video management software), and debut new technology, including new efforts in the area of deep learning, poised to redefine video surveillance as we know it for years to come.

Specifically, Idis highlighted the following at Intersec 2018:

  • Fast, accurate and scalable IDIS Deep Learning Analytics, powered by the Idis Deep Learning Engine, which offers nimble monitoring of people, cars and bicycles; and alerts for object detection, loitering and intrusion — all adapted to fit a 16:9 ratio.

    Now with offerings spanning the Idis 4-ch DR-1204P NVR (meeting the technological and affordability requirements of smaller operations) to the next-generation Idis Deep Learning Analytics, Idis are as committed as ever to meeting “any surveillance need, of any size.”

  • A complete line-up of H.265 cameras and NVRs, including the newly enhanced Idis 12MP Super Fisheye Camera, which offers improved specifications and performance, and the powerful Idis DR-8364 NVR, which features 900Mbps throughput, redundant power and Idis Smart Failover technologies.

Harry Kwon, General Manager of Idis Middle East and North Africa, noted prior to the show: "Idis is looking forward to our upcoming appearance at Intersec 2018, and the opportunity it always provides to connect with industry players, including treasured partners and customers, both existing and potential. 

“In 2017, we celebrated two decades of innovation as we recognised our 20th anniversary year. 2018 is a new year and a particularly exciting time for Idis, as we look forward to shaping the next 20 years of video surveillance with continued technological advancement, the introduction of next-generation offerings, and our deep dive into deep learning and artificial intelligence and ensure it is applied in a practical and beneficial way to meet the industry’s most critical needs. 

“As always, we’ll do it with applicability, affordability, and ease of use at the forefront. We look forward to sharing this and more on stand at Intersec, and we guarantee visitors to our booth this year will not be disappointed as we tell the story of Why it’s not the same. It’s Idis."



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