Dec. 27, 2009

IndigoVision Previews ONVIF Video Management Software

IndigoVision has unveiled a technology preview of 'Control Center' displaying live video from ONVIF-compliant IP cameras

  • IndigoVision's technology preview of ONVIF 'Control Center' softwareIndigoVision's technology preview of ONVIF 'Control Center' software

 IndigoVision Previews ONVIF Video Management Software

'Control Center', the company's Security and Video Management Software, demonstrated live viewing of video from AXIS and Bosch cameras. The company believes this is the first public demonstration of a professional Video Management System working with multiple ONVIF-compliant cameras. This underpins IndigoVision's support for the IP Video open standards. The ONVIF specification will ensure interoperability between network video products regardless of manufacturer.

 IndigoVision plans to release the ONVIF version of 'Control Center' in the second quarter of 2010, together with ONVIF versions of its new range of 'green' high-performance standalone Network Video Recorders (NVRs) and its existing Windows-based NVR software. The company will follow this with a rollout of compatible versions of its standard and high-definition fixed, dome and PTZ IP cameras.

"IndigoVision has already established itself as a leader in the integration of CCTV with third-party security systems using IP networks, so we are keen to help develop the standards for IP Video," said Oliver Vellacott, IndigoVision CEO. "We are active members on a number of the ONVIF working groups and are totally committed to providing a complete standards-compliant end-to-end IP security solution."

'Control Center' software is a highly-scalable application that allows operators to view live and recorded video from cameras and NVRs located anywhere on the network. It supports powerful search and analysis tools, analytics and advanced alarm management features, and together with the IP network creates a virtual matrix. Through a range of integration modules, 'Control Center' can interface with other security systems across the IP network, including access control, intruder security, Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) and building management systems, to provide a complete integrated security solution.


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