Innosent: Radar technology for near-range detection

The German radar company Innosent is launching a new product for building and security technology on the market. It is the first commercial 24 Ghz FMCW radar system with advanced MIMO radar technology and integrated signal processing for near-range detection.

The new ISYS-5005 offers innovative features for optimum performance. The Doppler sensor is equipped with complex signal processing and 3D radar resolution. This achieves outstanding reliability and accuracy in object detection. The resolution, determined via the measured dimensions distance, speed, and angle, enables objects to be precisely located and differentiated. The wide aperture angle maximises the detection range, making it up to 15 metres.

Thanks to integrated radar tracking, the movement behaviour of up to eight objects or people can be tracked. The product has a quick update rate of 75 ms and collects data simultaneously in real time. The sensor provides extensive information about the direction of movement, speed - with a measuring range between 0.4 and 55 km/h - distance, and angle in azimuth, and it detects the presence or absence of objects.

The system has two modes of application from which the user selects depending on the intended use. The iSYS-5005 can be used as a security system or as a door opener. The detection range and available features are ideally adapted to the respective application. In developing the product, the company also emphasised ease of use. The system has a high integration level that facilitates commissioning. The design is kept as compact as possible for straightforward implementation.

The radar system also offers useful adaptation options: The user defines alarm and ignore zones in order to focus on or hide certain areas. Different filter options refine the detection result. Among other things, customers can adjust the sensitivity threshold in order to filter out small animals, for example, if necessary.

By utilising proven 24 GHz technology, Innosent has succeeded in offering a price in line with the market. The iSYS-5005 is equipped with a UART interface, the evaluation kit available has an additional USB interface. Users configure and evaluate the system using the InnoSenT GUI. The product expands the successful iSYS-50xx product series. It supplements the already available variants with ranges of 50 and 150 metres as a radar solution.


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