Sep. 26, 2019

Mobotix: IoT Camera Solutions in Video Management System

  • Mobotix has integrated its  IoT camera solutions into Genetec's Stratocast video management system.Mobotix has integrated its IoT camera solutions into Genetec's Stratocast video management system.

Mobotix has made its technology available and integrated it into partner systems. After extensive development processes and testing, all the company's IoT camera solutions have now been integrated into Genetec's cloud-based Stratocast video management system.

Genetec has been one of Mobotix’s most important technology partners for many years. The cloud-based Stratocast (VSaaS) video management system is designed for small and medium-sized businesses using small applications under 50 cameras. Using a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, the solution ensures access to live videos and video recordings that are stored cyber-safe in the cloud.

The end customer requires only basic computer expertise, as no computer infrastructure such as additional servers have to be installed on site and no maintenance or updates are required. This makes the solutions affordable and very transparent for the customer as they only pay by usage. Typical server-based issues such as additional IT infrastructure or employees, lack of storage space, loss of records and unscalable prices or functionalities are circumvented.

The scope of functions provided can also be extended by using the Genetec Security Center for central monitoring, meaning the cloud-based network can grow and develop according to the customer’s needs.


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