Moxa: New Industrial Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

Moxa has introduced the EDS-2000-EL and EDS-2000-ML Series to create a new lineup of industrial unmanaged Ethernet switches with options for 5 to 18 ports and Gigabit combo ports to reliably connect more nodes and at higher bandwidths. The newly launched industrial unmanaged Ethernet switches, featuring Quality of Service and Broadcast Storm Protection by DIP switch, also allow field-site engineers to easily expand reliable networks with plug-and-play simplicity.

The EDS-2000-EL Series is an entry-level unmanaged switch for general automation that is almost as small as a credit card so it can fit in any industrial cabinet, but still has a lot of feature sets, such as QoS and BSP, to ensure reliable Ethernet connectivity. With the same features as the EDS-2000-EL Series, the EDS-2000-ML Series is a mainstream-level unmanaged switch for mission-critical automation that is designed with greater versatility, instant relay alarms, flexible mounting options, and dual power inputs to ensure greater reliability in the field. Furthermore, the EDS-2000-ML Series will also comply with various industrial certifications for applications in key vertical markets.

Further features to the EDS-2005-EL/2008-EL Switches include an extra-small footprint for easy placement in control cabinets, enhanced data efficiency via QoS and BSP functions and reliable operation from -40 to 75°C. There are models with RJ45 and multi-mode SC and ST fiber connections available. The product is available with IP40-rated metal housing or plastic housing.

The EDS-2010-ML/2016-ML/2018-ML Switches also include an extra-small footprint for easy placement in control cabinets and enhanced data efficiency via QoS and BSP functions as well as automatic warnings for power and port failures. The switch has ip to 2 Gigabit combo ports for fast and flexible uplinks, three mounting options for flexible DIN-rail installation and is industry-certified for use in mission-critical applications.

With their compact design and features that enhance reliability, the EDS-2000-EL and EDS-2000-ML Series are ideal for a variety of industrial applications.


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