May. 03, 2019

New Compact Knob Cylinder Variant

The Compact Knob Cylinder from U&Z provides many different mounting options thanks to the space-saving knob. The product is now also available as an outdoor variant for use in exterior areas. Even extreme weather conditions from -25°C to +65°C do not affect the reliable operation of the new product variant in outdoor areas, for example, at entrance doors and warehouses. In addition, the product meets all the requirements of the IP66 protection class and is dust and waterproof. The knob cylinder can be fitted to almost any exterior door. The new variant, just like the basis product, provides high security because all the security-related components, such as the motor, are housed in a protected area within the cylinder. The minimalist stainless steel design of the outdoor compact knob cylinder adapts discreetly to the  architectural conditions.


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