Feb. 15, 2010

New Designer Hotel Lock

AElement is a new RFID hotel lock from Salto Systems that provides an enhanced guest experience using on-line wireless technology and features stunning, cutting edge design. AElement allows you to integrate all your physical security needs into one stylish, energy efficient, reliable wire-free system. It enables hoteliers to control the security of their entire building, grant access privileges to individual rooms and gather audit trail data from every door - all without leaving the front desk. And thanks to Saltos's new Widna technology, you no longer have to choose between the on-line and off-line world. All AElement locks are designed to be wireless ready right out of the box, users simply choose whether the functionality is activated or not.

All you need to do is choose the mode of operation you want "Wireless on-line" or "Wireless ready". If you choose "Wireless on-line" your locks are on-line and communicate in real time with the server. This gives you real time control over the entire property. If you chose "Wireless ready", your locks communicate with the server daily on differed-time communication mode. Wireless ready locks can be "switched" to real time "Wireless on-line mode" at any time. Just plug in the USB-sized RF communication antenna and you are ready to go.

The backbone of the system is a series of gateways and repeaters that act as antennas, collecting and sending information from the computer server directly to the wireless locks. One gateway can manage several electronic locks as well as repeaters, minimizing infrastructure costs and maximizing flexibility.


SALTO Systems
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