Feb. 05, 2019

New Version of Video Management Applications

The recent R13 version of the SeeTec Cayuga video management software comes with a new interface to unleash the software’s full potential in integrated security ecosystems, while BVI, the customizable video solution to support business processes, undergoes a paradigm shift towards real-time operations. One of the inherent benefits of Cayuga has always been its flexibility to hook up to security ecosystems via inter-faces and integrations. Now, the Event Interface (SEI) connects the video management software to third-party security products using a flexible, driver-based approach. All events from third-party applications such as access control or burglar alarms can now be visualized within the VMS. This gives system opera-tors a much better overview and reduces the reaction time to critical incidents. The Analysis Interface now also supports the integration of any edge or server-based license plate recognition solution on the market. SeeTec BVI, the second SeeTec software product that will be published as R13 in late January 2019, can now be used for the live monitoring of scans, transactions or other events. For applications in retail that means, for example, that a security guard can monitor multiple cash desks and mark suspi-cious activities directly within SeeTec BVI, whereas for a logistics scenario this new functionality can be used for the surveillance of the picking process of an order.


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