Oct. 11, 2016

NVR Series for Small to Medium Sized Stores

Uniview launched a NVR series for owners of small to medium sized stores. The NVR301 and NVR302 are especially suitable choices.

The NVR has 4/8/16 IP video interfaces and has one hard disk embedded for storage. NVR301/302 feature H.265 which can help to save up to 50 percent bandwidth and storage spaces. It also supports 4K. Next to these basic features, NVR301/302 are also easy to use, respond quickly and are a cost-effective option for store owners.

Professional, Right-priced Solution
Compared with recordings on a general PC, which is very commonly used for storage, Uniview's NVRs are a better choice for the task of video surveillance and on top of that more cost-effective. Hard disk drives of PCs are not suitable for a 24/7 hour video recording since they are not designed to work consistently without power off. Uniview NVRs are especially designed for video recording and are therefore much more professional and stable.

Cloud Surveillance, Right at Your Fingertip
All NVRs support Uniview P2P cloud. You can watch recording or live view with your smartphone conveniently at anytime, anywhere. Uniview P2P cloud also support alarm push notifications to your smartphone. Burglars can be caught whilst breaking into the store at night. Store owners get an alarm signal to their smartphone and record the burglar in time.


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