Sep. 20, 2017

Optex: New version of outdoor intrusion detector VX Shield

  • Optex Europe has relaunched the VX Shield sensor with a new housing design and features to ease the installationOptex Europe has relaunched the VX Shield sensor with a new housing design and features to ease the installation

Sensor manufacturer OPTEX Europe has launched an enhanced version of its best-selling sensor across Europe, the VX Shield (VXS), with a new housing design and features that make it even easier to install.

The outdoor intrusion detector, which provides 12m x 90-degree detection coverage, now includes a rotation lock to make it easier to open/close the cover. Sensor adjustment Components are also identified in blue, to make it obvious which parts allow you to manipulate the sensor detection area, this makes the sensor easier to adjust. A spirit level has also been incorporated, and an automatic walk test mode starts upon closing the cover.

The new VX Shield has four models: two PIRs (VXS_AM and VXS-RAM) and two dual-tech (VXS-DAM and VXS-DRAM), available as hardwired or wireless models. All are equipped with digitally-enhanced signal recognition logic, Super Multidimensional Analysis (SMDA). By analysing detection patterns and environmental information, SMDA improves immunity against changes in temperature or moving trees and vegetation, and can distinguish between the cause of nuisance false alarms and genuine intrusions.

The VX Shield outdoor sensors feature active IR anti-masking which detects objects covering or blocking the lens when monitoring the detector status. The dual-technology VXS-DAM (wired model) and VXS-RDAM (battery operated model) have an integrated algorithm of both PIR and Microwave that provide Digital Triple layer detection, this means the upper and lower PIR detection areas and MW detection area must be simultaneously crossed to generate an alarm. The DAM and RDAM models provide particularly high false alarm immunity in scenarios where strong sunlight or high ambient temperature can be a problem: they bring the ultimate stability in detection performance

There are two choices of ‘off the shelf’ colours: white body with a white front cover; and a black body with a white front cover. However, front covers in black and silver are also available providing the customers with multiple combination options.

Jacques Vaarre, Managing Director of OPTEX, EMEA Headquarters, says OPTEX R&D department has worked hard to improve what was already a best-selling sensor: “The new look housing for the VX Shield has made our most popular sensor even more appealing,” he said, “and customers now have the option of customizing their sensors with either black, white or silver covers.

“With these design options and new installation features such as the walk test mode and level indicator, we now have the all-round sensor of choice for all residential or small commercial sites.”


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