Mar. 19, 2010

Precise Iris Control

Joint development Kowa and Axis Communications

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The "P-Iris" was introduced to the market, in partnership between Kowa Company and Axis Communications, to improve the image quality of fixed network cameras in a range of lighting conditions.

The product addresses the issue of blurring which can typically happen with megapixel / HDTV cameras that use sensors with smaller pixels. P-Iris lenses also provide better depth of field. P-Iris lenses are ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor video surveillance applications where excellent image quality is required. The P-Iris lens uses a stepper motor that automatically and precisely regulates the iris opening to enable better contrast, clarity and resolution.

Without this facility, resulting images can either be blurry or overexposed. In addition P-Iris lenses are also able to capture objects in focus which are at varying distances. This makes it useful for car parks or areas with long corridors such as schools and hospitals. The P-Iris differs from other products on the market as it allows network cameras to greatly improve image quality. Before the P-Iris was developed, lenses with an adjustable iris lens were either manual or auto-iris lenses. A manual iris lens can be inadequate in situations where the light levels are constantly changing, whereas there can be issues of diffraction and blurring with an auto-iris lens.

The P-Iris addresses the shortcomings of both and provides improvements in contrast, clarity, resolution and depth of field. In conditions where there is a lot of light the P-Iris limits the closing of the iris to avoid blurring, this can be a real problem for cameras that use DC-iris lenses in combination with megapixel sensors that have small pixels. Furthermore, there is no ND-Filter incorporated into the lens for better resolution. Come and see the innovative P-Iris development working on Axis camera P1346 that will be demonstrated during Ifsec at Axis Communications booth and Kowa booth.


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Axis Communications AB
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