Jan. 25, 2019

Review Intersec 2019: What Pelco Brings to the Future of Video Surveillance

  • The Pelco GFC Professional 4K camera offers 4K resolution, H.265 and Pelco Smart CompressionThe Pelco GFC Professional 4K camera offers 4K resolution, H.265 and Pelco Smart Compression
  • The Pelco GFC Professional 4K camera offers 4K resolution, H.265 and Pelco Smart Compression
  • he High Security Corner Mount IBD camera from Pelco is perfect for campus environments and correctional institutions

In an era where video security experiences more demands than ever before, many relevant industries face a host of unique challenges. For one, they need a way to efficiently monitor several areas at once while managing limited budgets for storage and bandwidth.  

Navigating environmental challenges such as extreme climates, vandalism, and varying lighting conditions are other major challenges. As data breaches are becoming more complex each year, it is especially crucial that every component of the security system is protected against such vulnerabilities. As a result, business decision-makers are looking to adopt intelligent surveillance solutions that protect customers, employees, digital assets, and physical property.

Here are ten highlights Pelco presented during Intersec 2019:

Video Management Solutions

Security administrators face challenges with keeping video assets secure on a scalable system, which can affect their ability to make effective and real-time decisions. VideoXpert Enterprise, for example, is scalable to accept thousands of high-definition IP cameras. For those with smaller installations demanding an easy to deploy, secure and scalable system to record and manage their security and operational video cameras. VideoXpert Professional is designed for easy setup and robust monitoring in small or moderately-sized applications. Designed for Windows platforms, VxPro is easy to install, quick to setup, and provides an intuitive interface that helps operators use video captured by the system.

City and Law Enforcement

City surveillance and law enforcement are focused on providing improved surveillance performance while faced with shrinking budgets, which can force them to choose between affordability and functionality. Other challenges include integration with current systems, understanding new technologies, and use in special environments. The top priorities for this vertical include safely and efficiently managing traffic flow and reducing crime rates while increasing successful prosecution rates, all adding to an increased quality of life for their citizens.

With solutions like the 12 MP Optera camera, which features seamless stitching, immersive views, low-light performance, and more, cities can experience optimized surveillance. Other solutions offered for these industries include SSK, a license plate recognition solution, and Ruckus Wireless, an integration that includes Wi-Fi meshing technology.

Traffic Monitoring

Traffic surveillance operators are faced with shrinking budgets, which can force them to choose between functionality and affordability. Other challenges include integration with current systems, understanding new technologies, and uses in special environments. One of the top priorities for this vertical includes safely and efficiently managing traffic flow and reducing crime rates, which adds to an increased quality of life for citizens. Along with Video Wall and GIS Mapping capabilities, Pelco offers numerous features such as Camera Link, which allows cameras like the Optera 360° Intersection or the Esprit Enhanced PTZ to connect with each other so that suspicious vehicles can be detected even as they move beyond the scope of one camera.

Hospitality and Commercial

Security administrators are faced with challenges relating to theft and vandalism. They also need to navigate the challenge of installing a comprehensive, yet discreet video surveillance system that contributes to the safety and well-being of guests, employees, and property.

Hospitality and commercial environments must be concerned about the security of their staff, guests, equipment, supplies, as well as all ancillary services. Many hospitality and commercial environments have a business center, parking structures, restaurants, hotels, resorts, shopping malls, and other services that require consistent, yet discreet monitoring. Hospital security administrators can take advantage of alerts on mobile devices to ensure no action is missed. Special Modification Requests can be made through Pelco, where cameras and accessories can be customized to blend into the background for a covert surveillance experience. SecurityXpert is another solution that contains fully configurable access control solution integrations to VideoXpert to monitor and control sites using one platform.

Oil & Gas

Driven by innovation and environmental sustainability, oil and gas organizations seek ways to lower operational risk, boost productivity and ensure workplace safety. Asset protection and perimeter security are some of the top priorities for this industry, so it stands to reason that their solutions drive security efforts and business optimization. The ExSite Enhanced, for example, is an explosion-proof camera with 1080p resolution and other features that are specifically tailored to fit the security needs of these industries. Other solutions we’ll be providing are the Spectra Pro IR 4K camera and the Esprit Enhanced camera with a new white light option.


Security administrators have a host of challenges to tackle. For one, airports need to have the ability to track anywhere from hundreds to thousands of passengers and staff on any given day, which can increase the odds that potential threat scenarios may be overlooked. Building a strong security system is a top priority for decision makers in the aviation industry. When public safety is at risk and real-time decision making is required, airports need a proactive approach to security and safety. With the GFC Professional 4K camera, security personnel are not only able to see areas of interest in 4K resolution, but also save on bandwidth on storage costs thanks to H.265 and Pelco Smart Compression.

Education and Corrections

The video security demands of campus environments and correctional institutions are increasingly critical. From single-building complexes to multi-facility institutions spread over tens of acres, we offer solutions that solve unique security, budget and infrastructure challenges faced by these verticals.

As a result, security administrators in these verticals need fully integrated security solutions that take advantage of our broad selection of IP cameras, powerful network-based video management systems, and the flexibility to seamlessly work with leading manufacturers. The High Security Corner Mount IBD camera is perfect for these environments since security personnel can see up to 94% of a room with just a single device and interact with subjects through two-way audio.

Professional Services

When it comes to having a solid security plan, it’s not enough to purchase our products or services; security administrators may face challenges relating to maintenance, installation, and device training. They need to be able to protect the end-user’s investment and increase revenue by taking advantage of the teams at Professional Services.

Leverage our industry-leading solutions to meet a diverse range of security needs. Our trained and certified professionals will save them on resources as we configure and service complex integrated security systems. With training, field, remote, and advance phone support options, security personnel can conduct their duties efficiently with minimal downtime.


As security needs continue to evolve, having a cloud-capable surveillance system is becoming increasingly crucial across all industries. They face a multitude of challenges when it comes to dedicating enough resources for storage and bandwidth. They need ways to efficiently store data-heavy video feeds without breaking their department budget or needing to obtain supplemental hard storage.

Thanks to cloud technology, security personnel can be provided with an on-demand expansion of capacity, eliminating the need for them to buy and install servers, storage, and networking gear when demands grow rapidly. We also believe that the advent of cloud in video surveillance requires a robust cybersecurity approach so that valuable data remains safe.


Evolving computer and internet technologies have made way for increased cyber threats, which can have damaging consequences such as liability costs from data breach incidents. In addition to added costs, businesses may even deal with a damaged reputation, which can negatively impact revenue. Pelco wants to continue providing security administrators with a way to significantly reduce the risk of breaches. Our forthcoming Risk Management Framework document, which includes best practices on everything from crafting strong passwords to shielding vulnerable assets such as outdoor cameras from intruders, shows how VideoXpert Professional addresses the NIST security control objectives for those in the government sector. We are also using the NIST security control catalog to prioritize new security features for future development.


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