Sep. 03, 2019

Rugged Outdoor Infrared Camera That Captures Details in Poorly Lit Situations

  • The rugged outdoor camera the Spectra Pro IR 4K from Pelco captures mission-critical forensic video.The rugged outdoor camera the Spectra Pro IR 4K from Pelco captures mission-critical forensic video.

With an estimated $50 billion in losses annually according to the National Cargo Security Council, areas such as seaports and waterways are in need of enhanced surveillance technology. Enter the Spectra Pro IR 4K from Pelco, the video surveillance solution for organizations who are frustrated with the inability to zoom into crowded, outdoor areas with low levels of light.

The rugged outdoor camera captures mission-critical forensic video with these features:

  • Up to 4K 30ips resolution and wide view: Security administrators need a surveillance solution that simultaneously covers a large area and offer zoom-in capability that provides detailed and clear information such as license plate numbers or faces of people for high-quality forensic gathering in the event of an accident or criminal activity. The Spectra Pro IR 4K allows for maximum visibility, since one camera covers up to four 1080p cameras.
  • Outstanding image quality in difficult lighting: Infrared (IR) Illumination technology allows operators to see detailed video up to 150 meters away, where external visible lighting is not wanted or unavailable. The IR enables accident and crime prevention in poorly lit areas by automatically illuminating areas of interest.
  • Smart compression technology for operational efficiency: Featuring H.265 and Pelco’s Smart Compression technology, the Spectra Pro 4K lowers bandwidth and storage requirements between 30% and 70%. This provides improved compression in areas requiring 24/7 surveillance, resulting in lower bandwidth and storage costs.
  • Tilt to +15º above the horizon: The 15º above-the-horizon feature enables operators to see areas that are difficult to view when using typical mounting locations. This allows for an extended view area above most dome cameras that can only capture images up to the horizon.

Electronic image stabilization: Reducing blurring associated with camera motion, this feature allows the Spectra Pro 4K to maintain a smooth image, ideal for monitoring areas affected by high vehicle traffic or strong winds.

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