Dec. 05, 2019

Salto: New version of MyLock Online lock customization tool

  • Salto Systems has upgraded MyLock, their online lock configuration customization toolSalto Systems has upgraded MyLock, their online lock configuration customization tool

Salto Systems has upgraded MyLock, the online lock configuration customization tool that allows users to choose and see potential door configurations prior to purchase. The new design, improved user experience, and new features help planners and architects better envision and design new lock projects.

With MyLock, users can select a Salto electronic lock model, door type, and choose from a broad range of colors, finishes, handles, and functions. The new MyLock design has an improved user experience for web as well as mobile access and adds important new capability including configuring accessory products like wall readers. Salto Space access control management software and Salto KS Keys as a Service compatible product ranges are also included.

“Whether it’s a change model, finish, or door type texture, Salto MyLock users can easily navigate through a menu to make their selection and customize the chosen model as much as possible,” said Borja Ganzarain, Salto Systems Marketing. “They can choose between different door standards and technology platforms, like Salto Space access management software or Salto KS cloud-based solution, and opening mode options like contactless smart card, mobile key, or keypad.”

Users can now make more than one configuration in a single MyLock session which allows those seeking electronic lock solutions the capability to configure a variety of door models within a building. Once completed, a MyLock user can preview and download 3D and 2D files including BIM files in a variety of industry formats including Revit, STP, DWG, JPEG, PDF, and more.

“Salto developed MyLock to aid project designers and planners and provide them the capability to see how their electronic lock choices work with a variety of doors,” said Borja Ganzarain, Salto Systems Marketing. “This new MyLock design has simplified the user interface and website navigation to provide users with the most positive experience as possible as they carefully construct the access point model that best suits their access control and security needs.”


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