May. 03, 2019

Self-Powered Electronic Locks are Sustainable

The Abloy Pulse ecosystem now delivers highly encrypted, electronic access control via self-powered cylinders, padlocks and electronic keys – with no need for batteries or any external power supply. Electronic door readers and wireless locks don’t actually need much power and can power down, for long periods. A user inserts their Pulse key and power is generated by inserting and turning it. This powers the lock’s encrypted electronic access control features. Cloud-based access control software ensures administrators can program Pulse keys with just the right access permission to each door for individual users. The system is easy to install because the existing cylinder is swapped for a Pulse cylinder. No wires and no batteries means Pulse is cost-efficient as well as sustainable. A single such installation can include a wired reader to secure communal doors, key-operated locks for apartment doors, and padlocks for storage rooms. Pulse keys and cylinders are reusable and reprogrammable, durable and weather-resistant


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