Feb. 02, 2019

Semi-Automated Monitoring Solution for Airport Security

Unauthorised individuals enter airport security areas every day, for example when passengers go airside from land side after having passed through customs. The threat of partial or even complete terminal closures with the associated enormous costs is real. Video security equipment from Dallmeier now offers a solution based on 3D real-time location tracking, innovative video technology and a mobile response team control. The company's patented Panomera camera technology with 3D sensors and a software package provides functions for detecting individuals, real-time positioning and automatic 'wrong direction' detection. Now if one or more people in the monitored area are moving in the wrong direction, they are detected by 3D real-time positioning, captured as objects in the positioning system and can be tracked seamlessly from then on. The response teams automatically receive an alert, a portrait photo of the intruder and an overview image updated once a second on their mobile devices.


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