Mar. 14, 2019

Sepura Introduce New Body-Worn Camera for Public Safety Users

  • Sepura’s sRVM was launched at BAPCo/Critical Communications Europe.Sepura’s sRVM was launched at BAPCo/Critical Communications Europe.

Sepura have unveiled their new body-worn video camera accessory at the BAPCo show in Coventry. The sRVM is a robust, feature-rich recording device combined with remote speaker microphone functionality.

Designed specifically for public safety users, the device can be either connected directly to a Sepura SC2 Series Tetra radio, wirelessly connected using Bluetooth, or used as a standalone product. The device includes GPS tracking for remote monitoring and includes a removable SD card for recording storage.

Recording can be initiated and paused with a single sliding button, ensuring that critical information is instantly captured, even during an operation. Recorded video can be reviewed on site or downloaded at a later date when the device is charging in its docking station.

As well as video recording functionality, the sRVM features the functions expected of a remote speaker microphone. These include loud, clear audio through a powerful 2W speaker and easy access to operational buttons.

Additional features include a 3.5mm jack socket, for use with an earpiece where discretion is required or the environment is noisy. Furthermore, the lens has been designed to expel water and can be angled downwards.

John Drewnicki, Head of Products and Accessories at Sepura explained:
“This product combines the benefits of a body-worn video device with those of an RSM. This saves space, ensuring that the product is in the optimum handling position and is not compromised by additional audio devices. The sRVM is a powerful, flexible audio and video solution which complements our SC2 Series Tetra radios.”


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