Jul. 18, 2017

Short Plate Electronic Door Fitting

  • The CX6174 electronic door fitting with short plate The CX6174 electronic door fitting with short plate

Uhlmann & Zacher recently showcased new electronic locking system products at the Security Expo in Munich, in particular their CX6174 electronic door fitting with a short plate. This extends the current sleek, stainless steel product range with a whole layout matching the standard for short plate fittings and is suitable for fire and smoke resistant doors. The complete electronic system, power supply and LED signaling, has been built into the compact space of the door handle. Installation can be easily accomplished by unskilled persons. Other products in the range include the latest generation CX6162 Clex compact knob cylinder. This compact item is especially suitable for tubular frame doors with a small backset. The company’s products are available under the brand names ‘Clex prime’ for large buildings like industrial plants, hospitals, public offices, schools or universities and ‘Clex private’ for private households, medical practices, law firms and similar small buildings.


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