Feb. 24, 2010

Simplified Convergence

  • ComNet FVT/FVR10D1E ComNet FVT/FVR10D1E

Communication Networks, doing business as ComNet, has introduced a new fiber optic transmission product designed to aid in the transition from point-to-point systems to Ethernet network systems. The FVT/FVR10D1E Series are fiber optic video transmitters and receivers that support digitally encoded video, serial data as well as 10/100 Ethernet.

The ComNet FVT/FVR10D1E is unique in that it provides 10-bit digitally encoded RS-250C Short-Haul quality video, serial data and 10/100 Ethernet on one single optical fiber. This model offers the user a solution for current requirements where high-quality video is needed, but future expansion and upgrades will necessitate the use of Ethernet. The FVT/FVR10D1E maximizes user flexibility and provides cost savings when future system upgrades are called for.

According to Victor Milani, ComNet VP of Product Management "Pairing high-quality baseband video and Ethernet in one model might seem like a contradiction. Our Design Center started to see the demand for a fiber optic product that could support today's current needs, but would have the potential to support the transition to Ethernet without a complete infrastructure retrofit. The FVTFVR10D1E does that. It operates as a point-to-point video and data transmission system and an Ethernet media converter." The major advantage the ComNet FVTFVR10D1E brings is that it future-proofs your project," continued Milani.
"ComNet is staying ahead of the migration toward video over Ethernet. But we're also aware of the cost pressures many end-users are placing on integrators and dealers," said Skip Haight, ComNet Vice President of Marketing. "By offering a model that can accommodate both baseband video and Ethernet, we're providing a cost-effective solution that gives an unparalleled amount of flexibility and is a tremendous overall cost saver." Haight continued. 


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