Jul. 19, 2016

Siqura: New PTZ for Traffic

  • Siqura's new TrafficPTZ Ultimo PTZ CameraSiqura's new TrafficPTZ Ultimo PTZ Camera

Siqura introduces its new TrafficPTZ Ultimo, a pan tilt zoom camera that is optimised to meet today’s ever changing mobility market and the daily traffic and infrastructure demands.

Unique to this camera is its embedded processing, which allows third party application software, e.g. analytics, to run on it. This is an all IP camera with a robust design that features fast and accurate positioning. Plus low latency, no backlash, large zoom lens and easy installation.
This intelligent camera responds automatically to information from road-side sensors like loops and radars, intelligent traffic systems and, when allowed, information from the Internet. When other systems sound the alarm, the Siqura TrafficPTZ Ultimo will position itself automatically to view the situation. It then sends its video feed to the Traffic Centre with an alert. This process can be tailored to meet the actual, desired application needs. The TrafficPTZ Ultimo does not require constant monitoring by an operator, thereby reducing the workload for operators during rush hour traffic.

Thanks to the addition of third party embedded AID software, the TrafficPTZ Ultimo is capable of performing incident detection by itself in multiple positions. The technology platform integrates well with acoustic- and radar-based incident detection. Because of its embedded intelligence, the TrafficPTZ Ultimo is an excellent PTZ camera, performing tasks autonomously like a ‘robot with an eye’.

Siqura’s  TrafficPTZ Ultimo camera requires only a main power supply and a network connection, and is ONVIF profile S compliant. It can operate under a wide temperature range, in accordance with NEMA TS2 (-35°C / -31°F to +75°C / +167°F) and supports NTCIP 1205, for connectivity to most traffic systems. The camera can run multiple codecs in parallel, including H.264, MJPEG, MPEG4 and MPEG2.


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