Oct. 30, 2018

Software GUI Update

Primion welcomed visitors to its booth at the recent Security event in Essen and exhibited its access control, time recording and risk management solutions. The area of electronic locking systems was also covered through their subsidiary company Opertis.

This year, the focus was on the redesigned graphical user interface for the company's software. The GUI has been completely graphically reworked in line with the latest requirements and is aligned directly with the needs of today’s users: an intuitive, clear and concise structure and a fresh and attractive look.

The company's access control software, prime WebAccess, offers an extremely wide range of options for the control of access rights for barriers, gates, doors, turnstiles or elevators. They are secured reliably and any attempts to gain unauthorized access are reported immediately.

User-friendly readers and control panels complete the system. Terminals from the ADT series that cover all the essential functions for access control, time recording and factory data collection, enable the rapid and precise recording of data and the unique identification of users, either through an integrated fingerprint scanner or through an RFID reader and badge. Authorizations are managed in a database and can be assigned, modified and revoked quickly and simply. The terminals can also be integrated into many other IT solutions using the integrated Rest Web Services communication.

The ADT1200 also offers extra accessibility options: visually impaired users are guided through the menus, using Braille appliqués on the keyboard and through speech output, to enable them to carry out bookings or workflow transactions such as querying their vacation accounts.

Individual doors can also be connected retrospectively through the online/offline system by the deployment of electronic locking cylinders and escutcheon readers.

pkt, prime key technology, is integrated into prime WebAccess. The primion subsidiary Opertis offers solutions for small and mid-sized locking systems with its eLOCK systems. New and interesting hardware and software functions were presented, such as the option of directly arming or disarming an intrusion detection system when opening or closing the door.

Prime Security Management 2200, psm2200, primion’s physical security information system, which has received the highest certification from the VdS, provides a complete overview of all connected systems, covering fire or intrusion detection, video surveillance, online or offline access control and alarm notifications in emergency situations.

psm2200 controls and monitors the complete spectrum of security-critical building management applications and integrates all of them into one platform to ensure round-the-clock building protection. Interfaces to time recording systems are also possible.



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