Support for 2N intercoms in Axis Camera station

2N’s wide range of intercoms are now available in the AXIS Camera Station video management software, allowing customers to integrate a 2N intercom into their full video surveillance solution.

2N offers a large portfolio of high-quality intercoms for secure and comfortable communication. With various models - from stylish intercoms designed to blend into to residential environments to tougher intercoms made for industrial use - 2N’s intercoms are designed to be easy to install and operate, providing clear camera identification and two-way communication.

Features and functions in Axis Camera Station

Upon installation, the 2N intercom will be automatically detected as a device in Axis Camera Station and is therefore easy to add to the existing system. Operators receive instant notification of an incoming intercom call in the PC user interface or mobile app, and can then identify and talk with visitors in addition to opening the door. The intercom’s camera can also be used for traditional surveillance like any other IP camera in the system.

All 2N intercoms running on firmware 2.30 can now be used in an Axis Camera Station system. An Axis Camera Station Core license to connect the device and a 2N enhanced video or Gold license are also needed.


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