Dec. 10, 2010

Surveillance Technology at Ifsec India

CBC has exhibited its range of Ganz security systems and Computar lenses at the Ifsec India show, in November 2010. The technology on display included Radar Vision, for real-time tracking and recording of intruders in all lighting and weather conditions.

It is capable of providing 360° coverage with long-range detection up to 1.6 km (per radar unit). The system provides all-round site security using multiple, integrated technologies, and it proactively alerts security staff to an intruder's (person or vehicle) presence.

It automatically tracks their movements in real-time using high-speed ruggedized PTZ cameras. The system can also track and monitor multiple intruders at the same time. Providing high-speed visual capabilities to the solution, and forming part of the manufacturer's imaging range, is the C-Allview range of ruggedized PTZ cameras. Available either as a pure optical camera, or a dual module camera with optical and integrated thermal imaging, these cameras outsmart intruders in all weather or lighting conditions.


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