Feb. 23, 2018

TeleEye Starlight MP2300 Series IP Cameras Meet the Budget of SME

  • TeleEye's new MP2300 Series starlight network cameraTeleEye's new MP2300 Series starlight network camera

TeleEye is pleased to announce the introduction of the new MP2300 Series starlight network camera to their extensive camera product line. The MP2300 Series features 2MP resolution and adopts Sony starlight CMOS sensor, providing a high and reliable performance for day and night surveillance with a competitive price.

The MP2300 Series family comprises of 4 camera models with different designs and features, and yet, all of the cameras integrate with TeleEye’s dedicated technologies. Therefore, this series is able to cater for various security needs and surveillance applications. With a user-friendly design, the MP2300 Series is easy to be installed as well, enabling a higher flexibility during deployment.

Equipping with Sony Starlight CMOS Sensor
The MP2300 Series equips with Sony Starlight CMOS Sensor, enabling a higher sensitivity to various lighting conditions. As a result, not only can it capture quality video images during daytime, it is also capable of delivering superior performance even in extreme low light settings. The MP2300 Series is ideal for a range of indoor and outdoor applications, and meanwhile meeting the budgets of small and medium-sized businesses.

Integration with TeleEye’s Advanced Technologies
The MP2300 Series integrates with TeleEye’s dedicated Dynamic I-frame Technology (D.I.T) and Dynamic Resolution Technology (D.R.T) to enhance video optimization in regard to the recording time and bandwidth efficiency.
As regards TeleEye’s D.I.T, this technology will intelligently do the data analysis based on the environments to adjust the frequencies of I-frames and P-frames. During the recording, this smart technology will automatically determine the frequency of I-frames according to the motion sequence of the scene. As a result, data storage can be greatly saved for a longer video recording time.
While with TeleEye’s D.R.T, the resolution of the videos regardless of size will be automatically adjusted in the video management platform in accordance with the chosen number of screens. The resolution of the videos will be decreased with the increasing number of screens, thus, the video volumes can be minimized to increase bandwidth efficiency.

Even with a limited bandwidth size, a smooth video stream can still be guaranteed under this intelligent technology.

Various Camera Choices for Different Security Needs
The MP2300 series have 4 camera models, respectively equipping with a 2.8mm fixed lens with IR illumination range up to 20m, and a 2.8-12mm vari-focal lens with IR illumination range up to 30m. This series is available in both dome and bullet models.

Easy Installation
The MP2300 Series adopts a user-friendly design, in which the security installers will benefit from the easy installation as the cameras can be easily mounted and adjusted on walls without opening the exteriors. The flexibility during the deployment is enhanced.


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