Feb. 28, 2019

Uniview: New IR Bullet Camera from UNV Easy Series

  • Uniview's IR Bullet Camera from the UNV Easy SeriesUniview's IR Bullet Camera from the UNV Easy Series
  • Uniview's IR Bullet Camera from the UNV Easy Series

Cameras universally encounter unsatisfactory video quality at night. Uniview solves this problem by developing products which perform great both in daylight and at night. The new product set to release soon is a brand-new bullet camera, which is specially designed for better night vision with the most cost-effective price point.

Excellent light compensation performance

The new bullet camera has four infrared lights, located on the left and right of the lens. It has farther compensation lighting distance than other cameras at the same level. The infrared lights’ placements are precisely designed based on a lot of complicated calculations, ensuring the emission angle of the light exactly matches the lens. Hence, the camera would get an average light compensation and it would effectively avoid regional overexposure.

Additionally, this camera applies PixelSense technology which replaced the hardware coupler by a software algorithm to achieve more accurate and sensitive detection of real surveillance scene illumination. Cameras embedded with PixelSense technology are only affected by the brightness of the real surveillance scene. In other words, they will not be influenced by the installation environment, which provides great convenience for users and installers. PixelSense technology solves the problem that the IR cut may be shifted incorrectly or devices are not capable of quickly switching back to provide colorful images. In summary, it is more accurate and sensitive than hardware elements.

More reliable, more efficient

There are some highly reliable parts which were chosen for achieving better reliability of the camera. The firmness of the seal ring has been high-intensive tested for a large number of times. Therefore, the bullet camera can achieve IP67 weather-resistant level, being able to work in tough situations. The sunshield above the camera is able to move forward and backwards according to the sunlight and temperature, making it more flexible. The sunshield is black and anti-reflective which would avoid the interruption of IR light reflecting on the shield, also can forbid the blurring of images brought by strong sunlight.


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