Nov. 12, 2019

Wireless and Smart: Assa Abloy’s new Smartair Lock

  • Assa Abloy's new Smartair Lock is built to secure doors with high daily traffic (Photo: Assa Abloy)Assa Abloy's new Smartair Lock is built to secure doors with high daily traffic (Photo: Assa Abloy)

For their Smartair Lock, Assa Abloy has combined the advanced access control of a wireless electronic escutcheon with the intelligence of an electromechanical mortise lock. The new lock is built to secure doors with high daily traffic and a large number of access events.

This new wireless device in the Smartair product range is built around three main elements. The external reader with multi-colour LED is available in several different finishes to blend with the user’s existing doors. The lock’s internal control and battery-powered RF module also houses a button for electronic privacy. Finally, a battery-powered electromechanical clutch unlocks the door when a valid credential is presented to the external electronic reader.

The lock works with any DIN-compliant door handle. Managers can also choose to install an additional mechanical cylinder, enabling users to unlock the door quickly and manually in any emergency.

The lock incorporates admin-friendly features for streamlined security management.  Sensors monitor and report when a door is left open or closed incorrectly, or when an attempted intrusion is detected. A Smartair Lock also registers any unlocking events made via mechanical key.

The new wireless lock works with any Smartair management option, including offline, update-on-card and real-time, online system management. Its RFID reader accepts all common RFID credentials, including Mifare, Iclass and Desfire. The lock also works with the future-proofed Openow mobile solution from Smartair, and the Smartair Remote app.




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