Mar. 03, 2010

Wireless Networking Locks

Affordable electronic locksets communicate wirelessly over network

  • Alarm Lock's Trilogy Networx LocksetsAlarm Lock's Trilogy Networx Locksets

No building is too big or too small for Alarm Lock's Trilogy Networx (DL6100 and PDL6100) Locksets. These affordable electronic locksets communicate wirelessly over any size network thus eliminating door-to-door programming and audit trail retrieval saving you time and money.

Recently Intermountain Lock & Security Supply, a wholesale distributor of security hardware located in Denver, Colorado, provided Alarm Lock's Trilogy Networx for installation at The Devils Thumb Ranch in Tabernash, Colorado. The Devil's Thumb Ranch is a highly regarded and environmentally friendly year-round Ranch resort & spa offering rustically upscale accommodations, fine dining and an array of winter and summer outdoor wilderness recreational activities. Recent additions include sixteen ridge-top cabins, a barn facility and restaurant expansion, a 52-room lodge and lastly, a new spa, tucked quietly into the corner of a meadow. Dedication to preserving the natural beauty of the surrounding land and the view of spectacular Rocky Mountains, offers guests a unique, environmentally sensitive, rustically elegant wilderness resort experience amidst 5,000 acres of flowering meadows and lush woodlands. With such discerning taste, their unique property demands nothing less than the ultimate in affordable security, leading them to choose Alarm Lock's Trilogy Networx.

The Trilogy Networx DL6100 and PDL6100 are Grade 1 BHMA Certified, support up to 5,000 users, 500 scheduled events and have a 35,000 event audit trail. Another brilliant feature gives you the advantage of unattended programming. At a time when it may be counter-productive to perform programming updates or event log retrievals while your staff is still on the premises, these updates can be set to take place after hours. The battery life of the locksets is an incomparable 5 years+, powered using four standard "C" cell batteries (supplied). All locksets communicate via a single Gateway and each gateway is capable of communicating to 63 locks.
A total of 32-50 gateways can be used per system, communicating to 2,000 locks, networked to a PC connected to the same network (LAN.WAN) as the gateways providing the advantage of the new network-wide global emergency lockdown/unlock command.

In ten seconds, you can activate emergency global lockdown/unlock from either the Networx PC, or any Networx lock, which can make a world of difference in threatening situations. Trilogy Networx is absolutely the right choice for applications in schools, universities, hospitals, government buildings, airports and as of recently, resorts too!



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