Tegera Anti-Vibration Glove won Best in Test

A range of 24 vibration protection gloves were put through their paces recently in a British-wide safety survey that pitted some of the most respected brands and gloves on the market against each other, with Ejendals’ popular Tegera 9180 being awarded Best All-round Anti-vibration Glove.

The review measured performance in real-life situations, comfort and fit, and suitability for a broad range of industry applications.

Therese Engvall, Head of Glove Research and Development at Ejendals was delighted with the result, saying “This is very exciting news for us at Ejendals. It shows us we’re very much on the right path with our thinking and highlights the importance of both our research and development, and our close collaboration with our customers. Our products not only need to provide leading protection but also be comfortable to wear - everything we do at Ejendals is directed towards safety.”

This is one competition that it’s truly safe to say, ‘no one was shocked during testing’, and with such a distinguished range of protective products on review, it’s easy to see why.

The Tegera 9180 features Vibrothan@ in the construction of the inner hand, our own specially designed foam material that provides industry-leading protection from extended periods of vibration from tools such as jackhammers; the kind of vibration that can lead to devastating muscle and nerve damage in the long run. On the ergonomic side, pre-curved fingers and reinforced index finger and fingertips, coupled with Microthan for better grip, means the Tegera 9180 is built for better protection and comfort.



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