Thermal Solution for Zero-Contact Temperature Detection

Mobotix has developed the M16 EST Thermal Camera as a special thermal solution for zero-contact detection of body surface temperature fluctuations (EST = Elevated Surface Temperature).

Non-contact temperature detection is very useful for healthcare professionals to screen and potentially identify (Covid-19) infected people. The camera complies with the specifications of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and satisfies the requirements of the Covid-19 Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and the FDA’s enforcement policy for tele-thermographic systems. Users can include healthcare facilities, schools, government institutions and retail environments. A black body radiator is used to create a reference temperature for the camera and the M16 EST thermal camera measures the difference between this and the temperature of the hottest point of the uncovered face of a person. Usually, this is the inner canthus (tear duct) of the eye.


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