Uniview: ColorHunter+Dual lens

In the field of video security, color-related information is crucial for identifying details of an event, especially at night. Conventional cameras with infrared illumination can only provide black and white images for nighttime surveillance.

As a result, people, vehicles, or other important objects can easily blur and blend into the background, which makes it difficult to distinguish key elements. Therefore, as a professional equipment provider, Uniview has released a 4MP wide-view ColorHunter camera to bring users a complete, clear, and vivid image.

32:9 Clearer Wide-view Images

Based on Uniview’s fusion algorithm of image stitching, the ColorHunter+ camera has achieved a 32:9 ultra-wide field of view of images, a full record of the movement of the track, and no effect of the image distortion. Therefore, It has a wider field of view.

24/7 Reliable Full-color Images Performance

The ColorHunter+ camera provides full-color and high-quality images. On the one hand, the use of dual F1.0 large apertures, they make sure more light gets in. When in a low-light environment, they can still effectively restore color information. On the other hand, the use of comfortable dual warm lights design which is soft and uniform, can still capture color details in the dark environment, and it makes the night seem like the day.

Immersive Experience

The ColorHunter+ camera that adopts high-quality dual MIC pickup design achieves a full range of high-definition recording effect. In addition, the built-in high-powered speakers, significantly improve the volume and sound quality, make real-time voice intercom clearer. Two-way interaction makes users feel like they are in the real world.

Application Scenarios

Based on the above features, the ColorHunter+ camera can be used in a low-light environment and provides clear full-color panoramic images. For example, users can set up a no-entry mode for outsiders in a warehouse or dock at night or record the accident scene at a parking lot. The ColorHunter+ camera is widely used in a plaza, hotel lobby, parking lot, warehouse, corner etc.


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