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Real-time situation management

Qognify -

Control rooms are expected to provide the highest levels of security at lower and lower operating costs. Meanwhile they are juggling multiple systems and trying to ensure...


4 channel H.264 DVR with built-in LCD monitor


The latest addition to the Samsung DVR range, the SVR-470, which utilises "network-friendly" H.264 compression to minimise storage and bandwidth requirements, is able to...


36x day/night IP speed dome camera with auto tracking function

EverFocus Electronics GmbH -

The 6,35mm (1/4”) 36x day/night IP speed dome camera with auto tracking function EPN 3600 is now available ex stock. Being part of the NeVio IP product family, the...


Outdoor day/night camera with IR LED

EverFocus Electronics GmbH -

EZ 425, the 8,5mm (1/3”) outdoor day/night camera from Everfocus with IR LED, is now also available with built-in 3~8mm varifocal lens for wide angle applications. Item...


Compatibility Web Site for IP Video Surveillance Products

Bosch Building Technologies -

Bosch Security Systems announces an interactive web site that details the IP video devices, firmware versions and features supported by a variety of software offerings...


Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet

Ehret Labor- und Pharmatechnik GmbH & Co. KG -

The Cytostar cabinet has been designed to protect the material to be manipulated from contamination and to protect the operator and the environment from cytotoxic...


Camera housing: Cost-effective and no compromise

Videotec SpA -

Videotec introduces Punto: a new camera housing resulting out of over 25 years 'experience in the design and manufacture of video-security products.The aim of the company...


Swing door hinges

Dictator Technik GmbH -

Dictator swing door hinges assure a safe and controlled closing of swing doors. They return the swing door swift and reliable to the controlled position, which also...