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Samsung: New fixed focal compact domes


Samsung's new SCD-2020, SCD-2021 and SCD-2040 fixed focal domes are designed to replace the highly successful SID-47, SID-48 SID-49 domes. The three new competitively...


Media Converters / Ethernet over Fiber


The media converters DE7210M/DE7230M made by GE Security are designed to transmit and receive 10/100 Mbps data over fiber. The modules can be mounted in cameras housings...


5-megapixel network cameras with precise iris control

Axis Communications AB -

Axis Communications introduces its top-of-the-line, 5-megapixel fixed network cameras with HDTV 1080p performance, precise iris control for optimal image clarity and H...


H.264 Video Encoder

Merit LiLin UK Ltd. -

Following on from last weeks release of an Internal IP Mini Dome with PoE, Lilin have announced the availability of an IP Video Encoder. Confirming their position as a...


Vari-Focal Lenses

*Tamron Europe GmbH -

Tamron USA announced the development of two 1/3"-format 2.8-8mm F/1.2 Vari-Focal lenses (Models M13VM288IR-manual iris; M13VG288IR-DC auto iris) that are compatible with...


XXS Micro Camera Family

Kappa optronics GmbH -

Kappa presents a new micro camera family. The new generation combines high-quality signal processing with miniaturized design and various sensor sizes. The 1/10" model...

Fire Protection

Revolution in fire alarm mimic display technology

Kentec Electronics Ltd. -

In the event of fire, a clear indication of the origin of the incident is vital. Kentec's new Sigma Matrix range of Conventional Fire Alarm Mimic Display panels, based on...


Alarm Signalling Innovation Unveiled

Chiron Security Communications -

An important advance in the way monitoring centres handle alarm signalling - with improved ease of use, access and reporting - has been unveiled by Chiron Security...