Motorola Solutions: New Mission-Critical Ecosystem to Build Safer Communities

Public safety organizations and businesses currently face a demanding, increasingly complex environment. Furthermore, the combination of exponentially increasing data volumes and s...

Public safety organizations and businesses currently face a demanding, increasingly complex environment. Furthermore, the combination of exponentially increasing data volumes and siloed back-office systems compounds the situation and creates inefficiencies. To address these challenges and drive safer outcomes for communities, Motorola Solutions  presented its leading mission-critical ecosystem of unified voice, data, video and analytics at PMRExpo 2019.

Motorola Solutions’ cutting-edge innovations will enable government and enterprise customers to overcome their most complex challenges, streamline their critical processes and prepare for tomorrow’s requirements. The live demonstrations at the Motorola Solutions booth showcased the full portfolio, including a new Connected Police Officer concept with body-worn camera solution, evidence management systems, communications services that unify broadband push-to-talk and two-way radio technology, next-generation communications infrastructure, intelligent video solutions, advanced command center software and analytics.

This year’s PMRExpo also marked a special milestone for Motorola Solutions: 25 years ago, the company was one of the founding members of the TETRA MoU Association – today’s TCCA – which was launched in November 1994. Since then, Motorola Solutions has significantly contributed to the development of the TETRA technology.

Modernising existing digital radio solutions

At PMRExpo 2019, Motorola Solutions showcased the evolution of its Connected Police Officer concept. The live demonstration highlighted the potential to transform the safety of frontline operatives by integrating and mobilizing data across an array of smart devices, such as sensors, video cameras and two-way radios. The solution connects police officers and the control room staff to critical real-time intelligence. Body-worn cameras like the Si500 Video Speaker Microphone with evidence management software allow officers to solve crimes or resolve incidents faster and more efficiently. The demos also illustrated the automatic activation of a body-worn camera recording when a police officer draws his weapon, and the simultaneous transmission of a live video stream to the control room for enhanced situational awareness. Motorola Solutions also introduced the latest additions of the body worn camera portfolio at PMRExpo this year: the compact VideoTag VT-50 , VideoBadge VB-320 and the  VideoBadge VB-400 for security operations in retail and hospitality environments, as well as in hospitals, airports and train stations.

Brodband push-to-talk

When emergencies strike, public safety organizations and companies with business-critical processes depend on instant and reliable push-to-talk (PTT) communication to coordinate everyday operations and unexpected emergency responses. Motorola Solutions offers a full broadband push-to-talk portfolio that fits the needs of different user groups and business requirements, including carrier-integrated, on-premises and cloud-based network independent offerings.  

The Motorola Solutions WAVE service is a standards-compliant and future-ready broadband push-to-talk solution that offers seamless interoperability between users on land mobile radio systems and 5G, 4G and 3G cellular networks. WAVE instantly connects teams across different devices, networks and locations - no matter which technology they are using. The WAVE Mobile App, which can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store or Google Play, makes the speed and simplicity of professional radio group communication available on a user’s smartphone or tablet. The Motorola Solutions app turns a mobile phone into a PTT handset with instant voice communication, video streaming, multimedia messaging and location mapping. Users can not only flexibly create and expand call groups, but they can also exchange text, video and audio files or set a meeting place. An additional WAVE Dispatch Application provides centralised, web-based dispatching for simplified day-to-day operations and ensuring that teams have all the information they need. Regardless of their location, users can log in from any internet connection and get access to all the communication tools they need to manage their resources and coordinate an effective operation.

At PMRExpo, Motorola Solutions announced two new additions to its WAVE portfolio in EMEA: Critical Connect, which provides interconnectivity with large TETRA or P25 LMR networks, and an on-premises implementation of WAVE that allows local rather than cloud-based hosting of the system. The new on-premises WAVE solution launched at PMRExpo is suitable for emergency services, airports, ports or companies who are handling critical operations.

AI-based video security and analytics solutions

Public safety and security organisations are managing increasing volumes of data, which have to be evaluated and quickly acted upon. Security solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI) enable them to tackle this challenge, accelerating their response times and helping them focus on the events that matter most. At PMRExpo, Motorola Solutions showed its latest video security and analytics solutions:

  • The new Avigilon H5A camera line features next-generation video analytics technology which can detect more objects with greater accuracy even in crowded scenes, whether as stationary or moving objects.
  • The new high-resolution Avigilon H4 Thermal camera that combines patented self-learning video analytics technology with heat-sensing capabilities to improve perimeter security in areas with poor visibility, absolute darkness or extreme environments such as weather, dust, debris, smoke or foliage. The H4 Thermal camera can detect and classify objects and notify end-users of potentially critical threats at longer distances, empowering them with the information they need.
  • The latest version of Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software introduces a new concept in live video monitoring – Focus of Attention – which leverages artificial intelligence and video analytics technologies to determine what information is important and should be presented to security operators. ACC leverages advanced artificial intelligence and video analytics, including Appearance Search technology and Unusual Motion Detection technology. The bookmark, event, alarm and thumbnail search options in ACC are designed to improve event response times and help make video actionable.

Command center solutions

Control rooms are the crucial hub of any public safety operation, the central point where emergency calls are handled and critical resources dispatched to the field. At PMRExpo, Motorola Solutions presented its next-generation, end-to-end control room solutions from its CommandCentral public safety software suite, which is designed to organise increasing data volumes from various sources, streamline workflows to keep public safety officers safe and to enhance operational efficiency. Motorola Solutions’ CommandCentral software improves incident awareness and management as well as post-incident resolution. It aggregates and integrates voice, video, real-time alerts, advanced data and social media analytics as well as records information into a single, intuitive interface to better support operations. Motorola Solutions will also introduce TipSubmit, the latest addition to its CommandCentral software suite. TipSubmit allows members of the public to anonymously provide information and includes an easy-to-use interface that allows public safety agencies to quickly respond to and manage the submitted information.

“In today’s public safety and commercial environments, it is all about having access to the right data and connecting teams in an instant,” said Michael Kaae, regional vice president Europe at Motorola Solutions. “Our future-leading, end-to-end technology solutions enable organisations to make faster and more accurate decisions and prepare for future requirements.”


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