Personal protective equipment with a new dimension in wearer comfort

Every individual is different and the wide variety of body shapes and sizes means that size charts and classification systems are not always accurate. However, for personal protect...

Every individual is different and the wide variety of body shapes and sizes means that size charts and classification systems are not always accurate. However, for personal protective equipment in particular, a perfect fit is one of the most important factors to ensure wearer acceptance. The uvex safety group has therefore developed a new 3D product system to tackle this problem and design products which excel in individual adaptability through ergonomic features and innovative technology.

“uvex 3D is setting new standards in fit and wearer comfort,” says Stefan Brück, CEO of the uvex safety group. “The innovative product system impresses through its perfect ergonomic design and adapts to individual body shapes with extreme flexibility.” In addition to the highest degree of functionality and optimum comfort, uvex 3D products also take into account the wearers’ individuality by fitting perfectly in all situation’s – a crucial factor for professional and secure protective equipment.

In line with uvex’s strategic orientation as an innovative brand systems provider with manufacturing expertise, the new 3D product system comprises seven product groups and offers intelligent solutions from head to toe:

uvex i-3 - A new dimension in protective eyewear

These innovative protective goggles are “Made in Germany” and designed to fit the face perfectly. The flexible side arms with variable inclination can be individually adjusted, while the integrated Softflex zones automatically adapt to any head width and ensure outstanding comfort for all wearers. The variable side-arm inclination provides optimum protection of the eye area. With four different coating systems, uvex i-3 is suitable for many workplaces and types of application. The extremely soft Softflex nose piece means that even when worn for long periods, these goggles are comfortable, do not press on sensitive areas and remain firmly in place. Soft ear pieces and the Softflex zone at the temples ensure a secure fit in any situation. The design makes it possible for to adapt the goggles to meet the individual requirements of customers.

uvex xact-fit - A new dimension in hearing protection

The ergonomically-shaped foam earplugs perfectly adapt to the shape of the earcanal and feature a revolutionary design with different shapes for the left and right plugs to imitate the anatomy of the ears. This noticeably reduces the pressure in the ear canal, even when worn for long periods.

The ergonomic shape not only guarantees optimum wearer comfort, but also makes the earplugs easier to handle: thumb indentations in the stem serve as a handle to facilitate quick and easy insertion.

uvex pheos - A new dimension in protective helmets

The comfortable safety helmet has a sporty design and adapts perfectly to the shape of the head. The 3D interior with duo-component technology is a global innovation and means it can be precisely fitted to the circumference of the head and that the wearing height of the helmet can be individually adjusted.

The height of the helmet can be individually adjusted within a 15mm range at both the front and back which enables an optimum position of the IAS system at the back of the head. The uvex pheos safety spectacles can be fitted using a special attachment, ensuring maximum safety and the highest wearer comfort.

uvex 3D silv-Air - A new dimension in breathing protection

The exceptional breathing protection mask fits the face perfectly. The ergonomic design around the nose is specifically based on the shape of the nasal area and ensures a pressure-free, comfortable fit, even when the mask is worn for extended periods.

The skin-friendly, flexible material with comfortable all-round sealing lip effectively enables the mask to be individually fitted to the face and prevents misting up of eyewear from exhalation. The efficient 360° filters with large filter areas allow the wearer to breathe naturally, while also affording maximum protection.

uvex texpergo plus - A new dimension in protective clothing

The highly functional protective clothing fits the body perfectly. The exceptional ergonomic design was developed in collaboration with physiotherapists and sports physicians and takes account of the most important muscle movements.

Maximum wearer comfort is ensured through innovative 3D stretch technology and various stress release areas, including on the back of the jacket. The elastic pleated insert with maximum extensibility allows for unimpeded movement. The targeted placement of stress release areas greatly increases the scope of movement. Regardless of whether the wearer turns, bends or stretches a perfect fit is maintained. The width of the garment can also be individually adjusted to fit the body with the side zips, which conceal additional fabric.

uvex phynomic - Perfection in 3 dimensions

The uvex phynomic anatomically formed safety gloves adapt to fit the human hand perfectly. uvex’s revolutionary 3D ergo technology ensures that they fit like a second skin, affording natural touch sensation and maximum flexibility, which is optimal for fine assembly work, for example.

The 3D ergo hand shape and thin 15-gauge fine-knit liner based on polyamide/elasthane guarantee excellent fit and precision all the way to the fingertips. The thin, robust elastic aqua polymer coating provides maximum protection.

uvex xenova atc - A new dimension in foot protection

The multifunctional safety shoe conforms to shape of the foot for maximum comfort. The combination of metal-free toe and heel caps and a metal-free, penetration-resistant insole result in a perfect 3D comfort cell for the feet, guaranteeing effective and reliable protection. The individually adjustable uvex 3D lacing system ensures reliable support and fit and a choice of either elastic laces with quick-lock mechanism or safelock laces are available.

The antistatic, breathable 3D comfort insole is equipped with additional shock absorption under the heel and the front of the foot, as well as a moisture control system. An optimal foot climate is further guaranteed by the 3D distance mesh lining, which ensures high breathability and comfort when standing or walking.

With the 3D product system, uvex has launched a coherent and functional product concept that offers attractive designs, modern colour combinations and above all sets new benchmarks with its technical features. “The 3D system products are pioneers in each of our product groups,” says Stefan Brück. “They demonstrate the innovative strength of our research and development departments and emphasise uvex’s manufacturing expertise. However, primarily we hope that the higher wearer acceptance of our 3D products will help to further improve safety and protection in the workplace.”

The uvex group

UVEX WINTER HOLDING GmbH & Co. KG brings together three globally active companies under one roof: the uvex safety group, the uvex sports group (with uvex sports and Alpina), and Filtral. The uvex group is represented in 22 countries by 41 subsidiaries but chooses to do most of its manufacturing in Germany. Two thirds of the company’s 2,100-strong workforce (as of FY 2010/2011) is employed in Germany. uvex is a global partner to international elite sport and equips a host of top athletes. The motto “protecting people” is at the heart of the company’s activities. uvex develops, manufactures and distributes products and services for the safety and protection of people at work, in sport and for leisure pursuits.



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