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Assa Abloy: When Digital PINs Replace Traditional Keys, Staff in a Small Business Save Time

14.11.2023 -

In many small businesses, the task of handing out and tracking keys is laborious and time-consuming. And because mechanical locking requires a keyholder to be present...


Assa Abloy's Code Handle: The Easy, Digital, Keyless Locking Solution for Medical Practices

19.06.2023 -

​​​​​​​Even in the busiest dental or doctors’ practice, there is a simple way to give patients privacy, protect medical equipment and keep personal belongings safe: a...


Assa Abloy: ​​​​​​​Code Handle Secures Belgian Medical Clinic

23.07.2022 -

​​​​​​​When one medical clinic in Belgium extended their premises, they looked for modern, hassle-free door security to protect the practice and its team of five doctors...


Assa Abloy: Privacy and Security for Your Home Office

25.03.2022 -

​​​​​​​Has the growth in working from home outpaced our ability to keep a home office environment secure? Hybrid working — combining working from home with on-site...


Assa Abloy: Digital PIN Locking for School Staff Rooms

06.10.2021 -

​​​​​​​Staff and school administrators can relax when they know private rooms and equipment stores are properly secured. Currently many teachers must carry around...


Assa Abloy: Transforming Interior Door Security in Under a Minute

03.05.2021 -

Assa Abloy has introduced a new Code Handle digital PIN lock that can be fitted to a standard interior door in less than half a minute. With the new handle, security for...


Assa Abloy: Keyless Door Security for Modern Barcelona Office

24.03.2021 -

Busy offices need convenient interior security for any private spaces. Not everyone should be reading the important memo on the CEO’s desk. But nobody wants to be left...


Assa Abloy: PIN Locking for any Interior Door

14.10.2020 - Assa Abloy's Code Handle brings award-winning design and digital security to any private door which requires a cost-efficient way to keep people out. Powered by digital PIN...