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GIT SECURITY Industry Talk: An Overview of Radar Technologies

21.12.2018 -

What does radar have in common with a microwave? Both produce electromagnetic waves, however, radar uses longer wavelengths and sends them much further out making their...


Explosion-Protected Network Camera

Axis Communications AB - Archiv -

Axis Communications has launched a new fixed box camera F101-A XF P1367 Explosion-Protected Network Camera certified with Class I, I/II/III, Division 1 and Zone 1, as...


Interview with Epko van Nisselrooij, BDM for Smart Cities

13.12.2018 -

The forecasts for 2050 say that 70 percent of the worlds population will live in metropolitan areas. This may sound good, but how will the cities react to the growth...


Axis announces two specialty corner cameras for specific market needs

Axis Communications AB - Archiv -

Axis Communications has announced two specialty camera models for corner-mount usage, with specific design features to meet particular use cases. Axis P9106-V Network...


Box Clever: How to Secure Goods in Logistics Centers while Maintaining Transparency

10.09.2018 -

The department store or logistics center is the pivotal point in the supply chain and ranks among the most complex areas in the economic system. With so many shipments...

Intersec 2018: a Review by GIT SECURITY

29.01.2018 -

Intersec 2018 concludes in Dubai with all eyes AI and Cyber Security. This year, Intersec Dubai featured 1,337 exhibitors from 59 countries, while 29,532 visitors from...


Perimeter Protection Options

20.12.2017 -

Perimeter protection has always been an important subject in military applications and later was further developed in the civilian sector to become an important part of...


Axis reports strong growth in third quarter

20.10.2017 -

Axis AB has published the interim report for January to September 2017. Axis continues to show stable growth and with close to SEK 2.3 billion in revenue, the company...