Keyword: Critical Infrastructure


Experts in Critical Infrastructures

11.01.2023 -

Sorhea opens office in Germany and launches a new generation of infrared barriers.


CIAS, the Multi Tech Choice to protect Critical Infrastructures’ Perimeter

06.12.2022 -

A2A, the most important Italian utilities manager, chooses CIAS for the perimeter protection of its critical infrastructures.


Security for Critical Infrastructure: Focus Interview

02.06.2022 -

For KRITIS "we recommend deploying a unified physical security platform"


Access Control Solutions for Critical Infra­structure and High Security Applications

13.07.2021 -

We hardly notice them, but they are there, all day and every day; the equipment installations and their control and monitoring systems that supply us all with electricity...


inter airport Europe 2019: Connecting Future Airports

21.03.2019 -

inter airport Europe 2019, the 22nd International Exhibition for Airport Equipment, Technology, Design Services will take place at the Munich Trade Fair Centre in...


Surveillance Solutions for a Better Overview at Airports

13.12.2018 -

The police suddenly spring into action at an airport with a consequent boarding stop, the evacuation of whole areas and the cancellation of flights: infringements of the...


End-to-End Perimeter Security For Extreme Conditions

11.09.2018 -

Perimeter protection of critical infrastructure such as airports, government buildings, power plants, oil refineries, sea terminals, and bridges is a top priority...


GIT SECURITY Industry Talk: A Collection of Airport Security Solutions

11.06.2018 -

As it is well-known, airports are one of the most highly critical infrastructures. They have to keep up highest security requirements while maintaining visitors and...